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Write for us - Submission Guidelines for Career Bloggers

Are you an expert in resume writing, cover letters, and career advice? Do you want the opportunity to write for more than 270,000 of Uptowork’s monthly visitors?


We accept posts from career experts and talented bloggers.


We would love to publish your in-depth and actionable articles that will aid our readers in their job hunt. 


What’s in for you as a guest contributor?


Uptowork is currently visited by 270,000 unique users per month, a number that is growing rapidly. If your article is chosen for publication, we will do our best to increase the reach and visibility of your post among people who are looking for the advice you are offering. 


Your post will be shared with our 7,000+ Facebook followers, and 2000+ subscribers. 


You can reference relevant articles from your blog. 


What are we looking for?


  • In-depth (1,800+ words), well-researched career guides that answer ALL of a potential job seeker’s questions on a given topic.

  •  Career specific articles. Do not write another “5 Resume Tips” post — there are thousands of these scattered around the internet, and Uptowork already has a great guide that features resume tips. Choose a specific topic, such as: “How to Write a CV for a Startup” or “How to Write the Best Resume for Teachers,” and then write an article ten times better than the best article on the topic that you can find.


  • Useful tips and actionable examples that our readers can quickly implement in real life scenarios.


  • Interesting and relevant data related to employment and career advice. Remember, the data should come from trusted and reliable sources.


  • A conversational style that fits with the tone and style of our blog.


What we cannot publish:


  • Articles that are in no way related to employment and career advice (e.g. Lifestyle, Fashion, Entertainment, etc.).


  • Obvious and well-known advice. 


  • Commercial texts that promote the sale of a product.


  • Articles that were previously publish on any other portal. We expect all articles submitted to Uptowork to be written exclusively for our use.

  • Short intros to infographics.

Other Guidelines:


  • Include the subject of the article — resume writing, cover letters, how to look for work, etc.

  • Length — 1,500-3,000 words (we’re looking for in-depth articles that address all questions our readers may have about your subject).


  • Limit large walls or blocks of text.  Keep your paragraphs short to increase the ease of readability, aiming for 45 words or less.  

  • Include credible facts and statistics from reputable sources. 


  • Real-life and anecdotal examples are encouraged and appreciated.

  • We reserve the right to edit any article that is selected for publishing. 


Ready to make your mark by writing for us? 


First, think of 2-3 topics and pitch them to Please write “Guest Post Pitch” in the subject line of your e-mail.


Please include the following information: 


  • A few sentences about you — who you are, what you do, etc.


  • 2-3 links to previous posts you’ve written.


We promise to respond to every e-mail with the exception of spam, and low-effort, generic pitches.